How to Outrank Your Competitors With Search Engine Optimisation

Getting into the top of Google’s search results can be an uphill battle. If you’re a local business, more traffic from SEO means more clients. And when you can outrank your competition, you can leverage that traffic however you see fit. London SEO services can help you rank for local terms in the UK and generate more visitors for your website.

Whether you choose to do SEO yourself or outsource it to an SEO company london, the steps to outperform your competition in the search engines would include the following:

Target the right keywords

When trying to outrank your competitors, the best way is to start by targeting the right keywords. Using a free or paid keyword tool and entering a seed keyword would give you an idea of how people are searching for your topic. Then you can find out which keywords can give you the highest amount of traffic while being feasible enough to use on your site as well. A good London seo services firm can perform keyword research for your topic or niche without you having to sort through thousands of keywords.

Check the competition for your keywords

Once you’ve determined the keywords that are relevant to your site or business, it’s time to check the competition. With the right SEO service, you can request a thorough analysis of other websites that are ranking at the top of Google and see what keywords they are ranking for.

What you’re primarily looking for are keywords that are not overly competitive. You can do this by checking your competitor’s pages and analysing a few important metrics – for example, the backlinks and the domain age. An SEO services london company would include keyword suggestions that you can target in your content that will have the best chance of outranking the competition.


Once you have the right keywords, you can start building out your site with content that targets these keywords. Although there are a lot more tasks towards proper SEO, the actions above are a step in the right direction.

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